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Tokyo Stayz has provided new and growing share houses, guest houses, and apartments for foreigners and Japanese people for over 20 years. We swiftly provide all the information you need to find the best house for you as well as cover the needs of our customers. We believe you will be able to find the right house and room for you according to your wishes.

Share Houses

In the Japanese rental market, it is difficult for customers to gather the key money and agency fees or find the guarantor necessary, and the systems can be difficult to understand. Often customers have to make compromises on convenience, transportation, price, or space when living in central Tokyo. This causes dissatisfaction among foreigners trying to live in Japan and among young Japanese people as well.
Tokyo Stayz provides a logical and reasonable answer to these issues with its share houses. More and more houses with different themes are opening with focus not only on design but on individuality, community, and livability, transforming into places not only for living but for enjoying, learning, and growing, and Tokyo Stayz has been receiving much attention for these.
Through the Tokyo Stayz Portal, we put effort into providing new, logical, and interesting share houses centered on young people in Japan.

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